Modern businesses are moving towards a hybrid IT infrastructure — a combination of on-premises and off-premises services — due to scalability, flexibility, and cost benefits offered by the cloud. This shift has created a new set of challenges for IT teams, which need to adopt new monitoring and IT alert and notification tools to keep track of availability of applications and services, regardless of their geographical location.

If your business relies on cloud applications, you will need to monitor the availability of these services to avoid outages impacting your customers. Availability is the term used to describe the amount of time that an application or service is operational — which is obviously critical for businesses.

In the event of a system performance degradation, real-time and immediate alerts are sent to the relevant IT personnel so they can then take appropriate action to remediate the problem, such as restarting the application, rerouting traffic, or restoring an outage.

What is unique about SendQuick Cloud?

SendQuick Cloud, a cloud notification management platform, can be integrated with many different monitoring tools such as Amazon (AWS) CloudWatch and Microsoft Azure EventHub, for example. This gives you visibility into uptime levels for individual virtual machines or entire virtual networks on public cloud platforms, identify performance issues; track anomalies such as high latency events; monitor bandwidth usage; detect broken links between components; and send immediate notification alerts on any issues when thresholds are breached.

Whether you have a few apps running in Azure or have gone all-in on Amazon Web Services (AWS), SendQuick Cloud works with cloud applications hosted on public cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle, Huawei Cloud and Microsoft Azure to monitor systems, security, CCTV and many other applications and services and flags up issues immediately to your relevant IT staff on duty. 

In sending out such IT performance degradation notification alerts before service delivery to both internal and external customers is impacted, this greatly helps minimise revenue losses, delayed orders, negative impact to brand reputation and unhappy customers, should a systems downtime or outage occur. 

SendQuick Cloud’s text message alert system comes with an email filter that supports SMTP-to text for all applications that can send email. Emails are easily converted to test messages. The relevant IT personnel on duty will receive the alert notifications through their preferred social messaging platforms like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Line, collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams or even via automated voice calls.


SendQuick Cloud’s network monitoring and notification management platform will help you keep tabs on the health of your infrastructure and identify performance issues, send out real-time alerts to your relevant IT staff on duty via their preferred mode of social messaging communication channels, to mitigate potential damages to your business and keep automated systems running smoothly.

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