Omnichannel Notifications
for your IT issues

When your IP-addressable systems, applications and infrastructure fail, it affects you. It is important that you are equipped with all the information necessary to mitigate potential damage to your business – quickly and accurately.

Get Real-time alerts to IT issues via SMS, popular social messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Line, Viber, Telegram, Messenger or collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

Introducing SendQuick Cloud

SendQuick Cloud is a systems availability monitoring and notification management platform for the cloud. It works with public cloud services to monitor systems, applications, services and network and flags up issues to your staff on duty.

Immediate Notifications

Sends immediate notifications on critical issues, providing you with visibility over your entire IT infrastructure health status.

Roster Management

Only relevant personnel on duty will be alerted.

Public Cloud Integration

Seamless integration with public cloud services including Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Google Cloud , Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, IBM Cloud (coming soon).

Avoid Alert Fatigue

Avoid missing out on important alerts due to a massive influx of notifications. By configuring the Monitoring Frequency, the Trigger Mode and the Alert Mode, you now have the flexibility to receive alerts on what best suits your business needs.

User Management

Configure messaging services to ensure that you receive alerts through your preferred mode of communication.

Ensure Application Availability

Actively monitor application availability using Ping, Port, URL checks and notify any incident happen.

Social Messenger App Integration

Receive your alerts on major messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business (coming soon), Telegram as well as collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Emails to Text (SMS) Messages

Supports Email-to-Text (SMTP-to-Text) for all applications that can send email. The emails are easily converted to text (SMS) messages with a policy filter to ensure that only the relevant messages are sent.

Integrates with
Any Application

Able to integrate with any application (security, network and applications) as well as all infrastructure management tools (including DCIM, SIEM, NMS, ITSM) as we support Email-to-Text.

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sendQuick Cloud

Why Choose SendQuick Cloud?

Cost-Effective and Scalable

Simply put, SendQuick Cloud sends notifications on critical issues to your designated teams so that they can address incidents quickly and efficiently.

Not only that – we provide a system that is not only cost-effective but highly scalable as well.

As your business grows, we grow and adapt to your organisation model.

How does this work?

Easily Configurable System to Meet Your Business Needs

SendQuick Cloud integrates seamlessly with your IT monitoring services within major public cloud platforms.

You can configure our services to meet your business needs. In return, we track system performance, latency and availability metrics for you. We make monitoring easy and convenient, just the way you need it.

In the event of system issues, SendQuick Cloud receives strings of information from the public cloud platforms and breaks down this information into parameters. Users are able to click on the desired parameter as the condition and set it as a threshold to trigger the alerts.

We provide instant notifications right into your devices, exactly in the format that you prefer.

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sendQuick Cloud

SendQuick Cloud

Notification management platform for the Cloud. It works with public cloud services to monitor systems, applications, services and network and flags up issues to your staff on duty.

AWS Cloudwatch and SNS

Alibaba Cloud Monitor

Azure Monitor

Google Cloud Platform (Monitoring)

Oracle Management Cloud

Huawei Cloud

Chats Apps and Collaboration Tools

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