Cloud-based IT systems are becoming the norm for businesses, with their cost effectiveness and accessibility being driving factors for their growth in recent years. With the plethora of systems that companies use, IT teams are constantly searching for ways to manage and monitor these systems.

The most common problem with IT monitoring systems is the endless stream of alerts that are produced by them, which may or may not be relevant to the business. This can turn into alert fatigue because of false threats or irrelevant information.

Why is alert fatigue a problem?

IT teams may spend hours sorting through alerts to find ones that are relevant. Over time, this can lead to alert fatigue. Alert fatigue can occur when IT staff become desensitized to alerts because of the volume of notifications they receive from systems.

With all the messages going into one email, alerts become indistinguishable to support staff and they may miss one that is important to their business because it is lost in the sea of inconsequential alerts in their inbox.

How can companies reduce alert fatigue?

Alert fatigue can be remedied by filtering alerts down to only notify staff when the alerts are important.

Burdening employees with the responsibility of filtering every alert will inevitably lead to alert fatigue, which means that automation can significantly reduce the strain on employees.

This can be achieved by using a competent cloud-based IT alert management system like SendQuick Cloud. This system allows users to sort alerts using email filters and only receive alerts that they feel are relevant to them.

This helps every employee in the organization since the IT team can configure alerts to only notify staff that are on roster duty and send personalized alerts that are directly related to them.

SendQuick Cloud can convert email to SMS and other omnichannel messaging platforms with easy configuration to suit your business needs, so staff receive important alerts on communication channels that they are most likely to look at on a regular basis.

All these features ensure that staff know that an alert is important when they receive it, thereby reducing the chance of alert fatigue.

SendQuick Cloud can integrate seamlessly with your IT monitoring services and manage notifications within major public cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and other platforms, thereby helping your company take the first step in reducing alert fatigue.


Alert fatigue is a major issue, especially in companies that are heavily reliant on multiple cloud-based tools in their business operations. SendQuick Cloud allows IT staff to automate incident notification management, which reduces alert fatigue and makes the company more likely to respond to threats on time.

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