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  • Email Message Filter
    Create filter rules to help you filter through a clutter of email messages to focus on what’s important and critical
  • IP-addressable Devices’ Ping, Port & URL Checks
    Do Ping, Port & URL checks to monitor the network availability of the device you are checking on
  • Chat & Collaboration Integration
    Easy integrations to your preferred chat apps or collaboration tools to receive incident notifications alert
  • Public Cloud Monitoring Integrations
    Allow you to monitor – review, observe, and manage the operational workflow in your cloud-based IT infrastructure 
  • Alert Notification Configuration
    Configure rules to your alert notifications so you only get notified on critical alerts that matters 


  • Dashboard  and Reports  
    Get an overview with sendQuick Dashboard and reports generated 
  • Simple Ticketing System
    Straightforward ticketing system, requiring virtually no configuration
  • Omni-channel On-call Notifications
    Adopt all communication channels (such as phone, SMS, chat/collaboration, and email) to provide on-call notifications
  • Unlimited Alerts
    Stay up-to-date with the unlimited alerts


  • Multi-Level User Access Roles
    Apply roles to users to further grant or restrict access
  • Roster Management
    Manage your employees who have different working hours based on the shift they are in


  • 6-months Data Retention
  • 24/7 Email and Phone Support
  • Knowledge Base


Up to 10 users
Price / User / Month : US$8
One-Time Free Credits / User : 200


11 to 50 users
Price / User / Month : US$6
One-Time Free Credits / User : 200


More than 50 users
One-Time Free Credits / User : 200