Once you had completed the steps in Section 3, you are ready to configure the Rules to receive notifications. Select any of the applications that you desire, example Application Performance Management. Select Alarm Centre and Notification Rules.

Select Create Notification Rule on the top right corner and you can insert the relevant details in the rule (as shown below).

Provide a Rule Name and select the Alarm Type. In the Topic, you can see the topics that were created earlier in Section 3. Or you can create a new Topic by selecting the Create SMN Topic and the process as described in Section 3 will follow.

You can select one or multiple topics (which can be Email or webhooks) to be triggered when the event is triggered.

When event is triggered, it will send Email (if chosen) or webhook (if selected) or both to sendQuick Cloud. In sendQuick Cloud, you can configure the filtering mechanism and policy rules to send only relevant messages to mobile devices, reducing alert fatigue while sending messages important messages to the recipients. You can configure all the filter/policies and user roster to receive the alerts on their phones. For more sendQuick Cloud configuration, refer to sendQuick Cloud User Manual or Video Tutorial.