Similarly, notification alerts can be sent to sendQuick from GCP via Webhook method. The steps are similar except for Webhook Channel configuration.

4.1 Configure Notification using Webhook

In the GCP, after setting the Conditions and Metrics, you can configure to send GCP metrics using Webhook.. In Manage Notification Channels, Add Static Webhook and you can add the Webhook from sendQuick (section 2.2) into the interface as below.

Insert the Webhook and give it a name. Then do a Test Connection and GCP will make a connection to sendQuick to ensure the Webhook (URL) is valid, Once it is tested successfully, the Save button will appear.

Click on Save to save the setting and repeat the steps in Section 3.1 to complete the setting the Alerting policy in GCP.

You can create additional alerting function in GCP and send to sendQuick when required. This can be applied any items being monitored bu GCP Monitor, including Google based functions as well as partners’ like AWS and others.

Just configure and start using sendQuick Cloud. For more sendQuick Cloud configuration, refer to sendQuick Cloud User Manual or Video Tutorial.