When any event happens or there is a need to send a notification alert, GCP can trigger an email to sendQuick Cloud (sendQuick). sendQuick will then convert the email message to alerts and send to mobile phone based on the policy (filter) rules assigned. The email messages is sent from GCP to sendQuick for processing based on the rules in GCP.

3.1  Configure Email Delivery on GCP Monitor

On the dashboard of GCP Monitor, the alert function is found on the left Menu > Alerting.

Select Alerting > Create New Policy > Specify the metrics and threshold value to trigger an Alert.

Then select Next as shown above.

Configure the Email Channel by selecting Manage Notification Channels, as shown below.

Enter the email address provided by sendQuick and give a name to the channel (for easy reference and selection). Then Save.

Once completed, you can choose the Email Channel Name in the selection Window as shown below.

The last step is complete the Message/Steps to fix the issue and Save the Alerting Policy.

Once the step is completed, you will be able to send the information/event to sendQuick for notifications.

To confirm that sendQuick Cloud has subsequently received the event messages (email or webhook) and sent out as SMS or other text messages, login to sendQuick Cloud and check the following:

For SMS and text messages (to check if messages sent):
Message Logs > Outgoing Messages

For Email Filter Logs (to check if events matched email filters/policies):
Incident Management > Email Filter

For Cloud Provider Event log (to check if events matched GCP filters/policies):
Cloud Providers > Google