In Cloud Monitor, the configuration for Email (SMTP) and webhook is configured in the same rule. Hence, this section will explain both methods in the same configuration.

Select Alert Rules and Create Alert Rule and you will see the interface to configure the rule as below.

Select and assign the desired resources, Resources and Conditions and once completed, the resources and conditions are selected as shown in the next Figure.

Then, proceed to Select Action Group, to specify the desired actions to send messages for this rule.

After Resource and Conditions are completed

Select Action Group

Select Action Group for the Rule

Once selected the Action Group and Select, you can complete the rule with the Description and then Save at the top of the rule. This completes the creation of a rule in Azure Monitor.

The rule is ready to use and will send via Email and webhook (or any combination) based on the Rule Actions configured in Section 3.1 above.

New Rule Completed in Dashboard

You can create more rules, as desired and use either Email or webhook to send the notifications to sendQuick.

Upon completion, you can start using sendQuick Cloud and configure all the filter/policies and user roster to receive the alerts on their phones. For more sendQuick Cloud configuration, refer to sendQuick Cloud User Manual or Video Tutorial.