When any event happens or there is a need to send a notification alert, Azure Monitor (Azure) can trigger an email to sendQuick Cloud (sendQuick). sendQuick will then convert the email message to alerts and send to mobile phone based on the policy (filter) rules assigned. The email messages are sent from Azure to sendQuick for processing.

In Azure, the first configuration is to configure the Manage Actions, creating the recipient list to receive the notifications. Since sendQuick is used to manage the recipients on the different channels, you just need to configure one (1) email in Manage Actions for Azure. This is explained below.

3.1  Configure Email and Webhook for sendQuick in Azure Manage Actions

On the main page of Azure, select Alerts and Manage Actions. These are shown in the Figures below.

Manage Actions in Azure

Select Add Action Group and you will see the interface as below.

Complete the required information in Project Details and give the action a name. Then select Next Notification to configure notifications as shown below.

Select Email/SMS/Push/Voice and insert the email from sendQuick into the Email text box as below. Select the Email check list as shown. The select OK.

In the Actions section, select Webhook and then enter the URL (from sendQuick) in Section 2.2 above into the URI text box and select OK. These are shown in the three images below.

Once completed, you will then proceed to configure the Alert Rules. You may be required to verify the email (provided by sendQuick) to activate the emails.