Similarly, notification alerts can be sent to sendQuick from AWS Cloudwatch using Webhook or HTTPS method. The steps are similar to the previous (Email) configuration except for SNS Topic configuration.

5.1 Configure Notification using Webhook/HTTPS

In the Cloudwatch Alarm, after setting the Metrics, you can configure to send the metrics using Webhook/HTTPS. In Notification, select an Existing SNS Topic and from the dropdown list, select the Webhook Topic name that was configured in SNS earlier as shown in the interface below.

Select Webhook/HTTPS from SNS

Select the desired Webhook and complete the configuration. As the webhook is already confirmed in SNS, the service is ready to use once this is completed.

You are ready to receive messages from Cloudwatch and receive notifications/alerts in sendQuick and send messages to your phone.

You can start using sendQuick Cloud and configure all the filter/policies and user roster to receive the alerts on their phones. For more sendQuick Cloud configuration, refer to sendQuick Cloud User Manual or Video Tutorial.