When any event happens or there is a need to send a notification alert, AWS Cloudwatch can trigger the message to sendQuick and will send as messages to the recipients. The first method is using the Email (SMTP) method.

There are two parts to configure.

Management and Governance > Cloudwatch; and Application Integration > Simple Notification Service.

Section 3 has explained the Simple Notification Service (SNS) and how to configure Email and HTTPS protocol in SNS. This section will explain on Cloudwatch configuration.

Once you are in Cloudwatch, select Alarms > Create Alarm > Select Metric > Select a service to configure the Metric and click on Select Metric. The steps are shown in the Figures below.

Select Alarm in Cloudwatch

Create Alarm

Select Metric

Choose the Metric types and Service to Monitor

Then, configure the Notifications. In this step, you can choose between Select a SNS Topic from Existing Topic, Create a New Topic or use ARN.

Since we had explained (in Section 3) how to configure SNS, you can select an existing Subscription/Topic from SNS. You can choose Existing Topic. The existing topic can be configured as Email (SMTP) or HTTPS or other types of protocol. In sendQuick, we use either Email or HTTPS.

You can create a new topic if you do not wish to us existing topic. The new topic will be using Email (SMTP). You will need to insert the recipient email address in the space provided. The new topic will be automatically added to the SNS topic and a confirmation step is still required. These are shown in the two Figures below.

Using Existing Topic

Creating a New Topic

Once completed the steps, Save and the configuration is completed.